Climbing courses offer

Indoor courses

  • Introductory Course of Indoor Climbing

    Learn the basics before moving outside or improve your style and technique.
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  • Advanced Course of Indoor Climbing

    dvanced movements and technique, advanced belaying for difficult situations.
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  • Bouldering

    This type of climbing can build up your confidence and strength or to progress your lead climbing on traditional routes.
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  • Individual lessons

    You can rent trainer only for you to gain maximum climbing experinece from each lesson.
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  • Why to choose climbing course from

    Horoguru not only climbing school with a long tradition, but also registered under Czech national climbing asociation ČHS.

    After mastering the basics of climbing with us you can strike out on various trips for climbing the Czech Republic and foreign countries .

    E-shop did you see it?

    We started a little e-shop with climbing wear, gear and accessories.



    Mgr. Juráš Šefl – creator and owner
    telefon: 607 992 838
    Bank account number: 51-2535570287/0100

    Majda Machalická – instructor teamlead
    telefon: 721 855 747

    Where we can arrange courses

    Indoor classes are held in Prague (You can negotiate individual exceptions), the specific choice of location for the course or training is subordinated nature of the activity, character, physical and mind strenght and number of participants. Most often we use these walls:

    • Squashpark Cibulka
      Fabiánova 1134, Praha 5 (map, web)
    • ČVUT Juliska
      Pod Juliskou 4, Praha 6 (map)
    • Lokalblok
      Nám. 14. října 10, Praha 5 (map, web)
    • VŠE Třebešín
      Na Třebešíně 1, Praha 3 (map)
    • Big Wall Vysočanská
      Ocelářská 9, Praha 9 (map), Mgr. Juráš Šefl +420 607 992 838, ČHS, ©2013 by mower