Introductory Course
of Indoor Climbing

New course starting in October! 

In beginning of October (from the 4th of October 2017) will start new round of our Introductory climbing course. It consists of eight two-hour-long lectures (16 hours of climbing) in english speaking group with instructor. 

The main objective of the course is to engage you in climbing sports, teach you the necessary knowledge and skills and ultimately improve not only your climbing performance.

During this course you will learn the principles of safety on the climbing wall, proper climbing technique, a little theory (history, climbing areas, classification, styles and types of climbing) and we will systematically develop your climbing prowess.

When, where, for how much? 

Wednesdays 19:00 - 21:00, beginning in the 4th of October 2017, ending in November 

at Squashpark Cibulka (inside climbing wall, outside climbing wall, boulder) 

3000,- / 8 lessons (16 hours of climbing with instructor) 
2800,- for Cibulka club members (for more information please contact us via 

What will we focus on?

  • belaying skills
  • climbing techniques and physical climbing skills
  • knots and basic ropework
  • equipment use and its limitations
  • route and grading systems
  • basic safety, understanding objective dangers

This course will provide you with skills needed for an safe independent movement on the climbing wall. But please have on mind that after completing this course, you are still not ready to go climbing a rock. 

Your instructor

Juráš Šefl – your instructor

He graduated FTVS - climbing specialization . Actively climbing since 1997. He has extensive experience in teaching children and adults. Is i spirit or "guru" of our climbing school..

How to sign up?

You can do so via this application form. For further information do not hesitate to contact us at

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Can I do more for my skills? 

If you are satisfied with our way of teaching, you can develop your skills further with us. You have two options how to do this:

Advanced Course of Indoor Climbing - best option to improve all skills you've got in the beginners course. Our coach is ready to help you with more advanced climbing and belaying techniques or to help you solve a climbing problem you alone are not able to. 

Individual lessons - fit to each climber. You can focus on specific problem or just climb with someone who knows their thing. Anything is possible., Mgr. Juráš Šefl +420 607 992 838, ČHS, ©2013 by mower